• MRG History

    • 2005In an event to rival the founding of Microsoft, MRG was formed at the Micatrotto family residence in Redondo Beach, CA
    • 2006Not since Elvis’ first appearance on the Strip was the City of Las Vegas more anticipatory as it was when MRG opened their first location in January
    • 2007As a 50th birthday present to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MRG opened a Raising Cane’s across the street at Flamingo and Maryland
    • 2011In an effort to combat rising gas prices for Arizona Caniacs, MRG provided a bailout to Arizona residents by opening its first Raising Cane’s location in the city of Phoenix
    • 2012Final validation as an institute of exemplary academic standing will be achieved when Arizona State University welcomes its first Raising Cane’s to the City of Tempe in August
    • 2014Not since John C. Fremont has a group more bravely headed north into the mountains of Nevada to bring the freshest quality chicken fingers to Reno. While the tales of Cane’s Sauce being carried on horseback aren’t true, the locals were happier to see it being made in their own hometown.

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Raising Cane's

What does Culture mean at Raising Cane’s? Well, if you have to call it ‘cool’ then it’s probably not, so our crew did it for us! When we asked our crew members how they would describe our culture, that’s exactly what they said. See a few examples of what we mean and check out our photo galleries.

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